About us

chw pic 2Here is a little insight to this company.

I’m a 3rd generation siding installer with over 21 years and counting¬† into this profession.We are not one of them big contractors that hire in-experienced help or subs to farm out our work.

I myself have sided over 600 houses in this area not counting the hundreds of gutter jobs and misc jobs during the year. I’m just a smaller company but also but up bigger numbers than a lot of big companies when it comes to jobs done and materials bought from suppliers.

There are very few companies out there where the owner/ president¬† has had years of on the wall experience and is out in the field working if any . We are not a high pressure sales company at all, we are very honest and can answer any questions you’d have. If it were vinyl, LP, Hardie, and the coming back into popularity …Steel siding , we can apply and do them in the highest of quality workmanship . We’ve worked for a lot of contractors and homeowners that are very fussy and have every right to be and have never lost a contractor or had one bad complaint or call back on our workmanship. To be honest , some of the homeowners and contractors came to be personal friends.

Call today if you have any questions about what we can do for ya.