Steel SidingSteel siding is ever growing in popularity these days and its just goes to show. After either 10 or 20 and I’ve seen even 25 year old steel that to this day looks like new. You never have to paint or maintain besides a quick washing just to keep the dirt and grime off  just like any other siding.

Steel siding is very strong and resists shrinking and bulging when the temperatures change. It doesn’t fade or get brittle like even the highest grade vinyl out there. I personally have steel siding on my house and we as a company do about 50% of our siding jobs in steel these days due to the problems with the Hardie and LP and also these ever growing storms that have been hitting us.

We buy the steel from a few suppliers in mn , but we prefer to use the Edco brand due to there highest of quality and they are local ,just up in Hopkins,MN